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About Uptown Supermarket

Uptown Market Whittier in USA

Welcome to Uptown Market Whittier, a vibrant Market located in the heart of California since 2009 at Whittier. Uptown Market Whittier has continued to be a great market place for friends to meet, shop and get together for dining, drinks and shop their fresh produced products. For a decade now, Uptown Market Whittier has continued to produce excellent and fresh food, fruits, dishes & other services that are easy on the budget! Lots of vegetarian options and we can also satisfy the palate of those with other dietary restrictions.

When we were introduced, the market was pretty empty and with time we are able to cater many services and products that our clients needs every day, our fruits and vegetables are high quality, our meet, chicken and fish are fresh and the best from all around Whittier.

Thanks to the Whittier police department our market has become a family safe place to go and do their shopping. Our clients are our preference and our commitment is to serve then the best.

“Thanks to our community we are Proud to become one of best markets in Whittier, our hard work, honestitly, integrity and service have been part of our success.”

For the natural juice bar we have many choices to go but, we decide to go for the healthy choice, bringing what the community is needing which is healthy products and what they can enjoy sitting in our tables while they order one fresh made juice. We offer purify and alkaline water. Our money services customers can pay their utility bills, cahing a check, moneygram, recharge their prepaid cards and more. We offer products from around the world. We sell lottery and phone cards. Wines and beers.